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Grunge style
Grunge is a music style that comes from heavy metal and punk. You can learn more about different music genres by checking out The first grunge bands were Green River, Mudhoney and grunge music, they were also became representatives of the grunge style. Nowadays grunge music is reason grunge lost many elements from punk and became one of the most popular styles of rock music Grunge style
hippie grunge
With grunge being on the spotlight, I couldn't help myself by adding a few hippie elements on my hippie grunge style. I kept this outfit a bit minimal but I think you can spot the whole hippie grunge style, right
From 90's grunge to the sixties!
From 90's grunge to the sixties!
grungy miss wang
seem to decide what I like more; minimalism, grunge, layers, rock, sporty, hippie... ouf I'm so confused, I think I'll stick to the mix and match of them all. Sporty, grunge and rock for today it is then!
come as you are
able to stop wearing my favourite flannels. Grunge has become an addiction... location: Ellinikon International airport, old airport of Athens
army chic
can't get enough of it. This time I tried to make it more girly with grunge influences. Although
punk's not dead
return of the grunge, some punk elements made their appearance in fashion and it just makes everything so
the wanderer
signature style of this season -that would be the grunge- and the Saint Laurent influences. With tartan
I have already declared my love for grunge several times, but I'm going to deify the Saint Laurent
photos by: Peter Koutroumpis I may have been obsessed over grunge lately, but that doesn't mean I'm
denim overalls
90's item, I paired the overalls with a beanie and combat boots so it gives that grunge style.
mixing the laurents
, but grunge has been a love of mine since I was little, therefore I couldn't just let it go. So
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