Rea's Travel Stories

It was about a year ago when "Rea's travel stories" begun, and the idea of travelling the world finally seemed a whole lot more possible. I was always interested in visiting different places and dreamed of exploring the world, but I had never actually been anywhere outside Europe cause the tickets were quite expensive. This is why I started working for an airline, thinking that I could travel around the world for free. But I was actually completely wrong about that; well almost. We only traveled around Europe and we didn't have either any stopovers or layovers, but we had cheaper tickets to all around the world, so I thought I should take advantage of that. The only problem was finding someone to travel with, whenever I suddenly found out that I had my days off. Therefore I started going to places I already had friends or family; and I consider myself very lucky to know people all around the world that I don't see very often, so it was also a great opportunity to see them again.

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