destination unknown

photos by: Katerina perka

fur coat: vintage  sweater: billabong  jeans: jbrand  scarve: zara • trainers: nike airmax

luggage: rimowa  sunglasses: ralph lauren • anchor necklace: alice star

You know this feeling, that you just want to leave, but don't know where to go? You just want to visit some place new, but you end up visiting the same places over and over again? This is exactly what happens to me when I stay home for too long. I have been back from Paris 4 months already and I promised to myself that next time I will visit a place I've never been before; and just like that, I booked my tickets to London to see my family. This is how Paris and London will always be my annual destinations, just because family will always come first.

Getting ready for my trip with my beautiful rimowa luggage at the old airport of Athens -which I absolutely adore and I love visiting from time to time. Rimowa was founded by Paul Morszeck in Cologne in 1898. Its elegant matte black color makes it a “must have“ for anyone looking for a trendy yet exceptionally durable, lightweight and sleek design.

location: Ellinikon International airport, old airport of Athens