Do you dry your hair before or after you get dressed?

Do you dry your hair before or after you get dressed?

I don’t know why and I know it’s kind of weird, but I keep having this question in my head regarding other people. When I dry them, I always do it after I get dressed.

The truth is, I rarely dry my hair. My hair is wavy with a few curls every now and then -depending on their mood- , so if I dry them, they become super frizzy. I only do it if I have to attend something important and don’t have enough time to get ready.

Although, now that I’ve found this hair dryer from Bellissima, which is ideal for frizzy, dry or fragile hair, I intend to dry them more often!


The My Pro Ceramic hair dryer features ceramic technology, capable of generating gentle heat that respects, protects and hydrates the hair while drying it.

When heating up, ceramic naturally emits infrared heat, which, combined with the action of the ionizer, has an anti-frizz and anti-dry effect, for beautiful hair every day.

The long-life professional AC motor combined with 2300W power allows for fast drying and effective styling, whereas the ionizer helps maintain the natural moisture of your hair.

Effective, safe and easy to use, the My Pro Ceramic hair dryer guarantees professional results directly at home.

Equipped with a professional, narrow ceramic concentrator for styling, a ceramic diffuser to give curls elasticity and a nozzle for drying.

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