It was actually an enormous park like a forest, full of trees in the middle of the town, where I had never been
before. We arranged with my boyfriend to go to that park so he can ride his bicycle and do the jumps and
then to go to the mall for a walk or to the cinema. We got there quite late and there was not enough light
to take pictures of him doing the jumps with his bicycle so we desided to leave. I picked that outfit because
it was not formal or very informal either. I wanted it to be good enough for a walk at the park and appropriate to
go to the cinema as well.

(vintage beige with bordeaux details scarf, black Topshop cashmere mix vest,Topshop khaki 
ripped studded shorts, fruis company black studded belt, black loewe bag, office sandals)

All photos by me, exept the ones I'm in which are by my bf.

P.S Aren't I a great photographer? :D