You are probably trying to guess which are these style icons. Well, I'm very happy to announce that my latest style crushes are not from the fashion world, but from the 80's music world. They could have been no other than the "Guns n' Roses" and the "Bon Jovi". As we all are aware of the latest fashion trends, we can notice that some of them were used in their style. Some of the most recognisable are: the headband, the check shirt, the leather clothing, the red leather pants, the loose shirt combined with the leather pants, the blazer combined with the ripped jeans, the fringed jackets, the american flag and the tattoos. As the 80's fashion was a super stylish period, I love taking ideas from them :-)
Guns n' Roses

Bon Jovi

the check shirt and the headband

the headband and the leather clothing

the leather pants as seen in fashion by Balmain, Alexander Wang, Givenchy and many others

the red leather pants as seen in fashion by Balmain and Isabel Marant

Bon Jovi on the "You give love a bad name" video wearing the red leather pants

the vest and the leather pants in an unusual color

the loose shirt and the leather pants

the statement blazer combined with ripped jeans

fringed jackets

Axl Rose wearing the American flag (as seen on Balmain) but as underwear

again the american flag mixed with the british

the tattoos as Chanel did
(all pictures via google and youtube)