When I came back from Paris I had no time to fix and post these photos from disneyland as I had to catch up with my presentation for uni. After that I totally forgot about them and today I managed to spend some time fixing them. I have to say we had so much fun that day, we both are huge fans of the disney characters and when we find the opoortunity we become like children again!
indiana jones adventures

the excalibur

eating a yummy pizza

I'm feeling as happy as a child when eating cotton candy :D

where should I go? this way, that way... hmmm :/

alice in wonderland

the caterpillar

my christ church cards army

feeling sooo tired after a long day of having super fun

disneyland's outfit

at the entrance
(topshop leather jacket, studded jeans, bag and beanie, zara sweater and faux fur vest, ugg boots, rayban sunglasses)