Last night was a magical night at the biggest stadium in Greece, the Olympic Stadium (OAKA), where the opening ceremony and some sports of Olympic games happened back in 2004. The tickets were sold out and the atmosphere was unbelievable, all you greek people who were there should know what I mean. The band which was performing is an old greek rock band, called "pix lax" that were separated and reunited for two last concerts. I went with my friend, Lilly, but many other friends of mine were all over the place. 
Enjoy the pictures!
lilly creating a fishtail
at the end they gave us a great moment full of fireworks
the parking lot was packed so we waited for almost 1 hour at the same position and fooling around taking pictures
(topshop cashmere mix vest, zara shorts, hawaiianas flip flops, ironfist belt, marc jacobs sunglasses, vintage necklace and bracelet, valentino backpack)