As you all understood, these are the pictures from my graduation that happened yesterday! It was one of the most important days of my life. I want to thank my family who were there and supported me during this journey. I feel a little sad as well, as I was not able to invite more people to the ceremony. 
I am off for "billabong girls surf weekend" now. Have an amazing weekend too!
with grandpa and dad
with my mum
with my parents
with my cousin Penny
BA (Honours) Degree from Middlesex university
to all those who don't speak greek this is a commendation my uni gave me because I got the second best grade in my class!
with my grandparents
my mum and my grandmother
with my friend natasa
the girls of my family
inner outfit
(yazz dress, Silvia Rossini shoes, topshop bag, YSL ring, vintage jewelry)