Santa is coming tonight!
Cause now it's Christmas and I want everything, I just can't wait...Christmas...So don't stop spending, I want a million gifts, that's right, don't forget my Christmas list tonight. It's Christmas and I want everything now!
Just bring me things that I don't need!

Okey this was a little foreword from a song of one of my favourite bands, Simple Plan. I know it's a bit late to post my Christmas wishlist, but in my family we exchange gifts in new years eve. So this is my wishlist. In case you are in doubt what to get me, check it out and get inspired! (this goes to my family)
1. leather sleeveless jacke 75£
2. python wedge chelsea boots 105£
3. snakeskin print leggings 12£
4. faux fur tails coat by unique 180£
5. moto Sparkle Stud Hotpants 30£
6. snow bored hoodie by ashish 60£
7. jeffrey campbell roscoe 254.95$
leather skinny oxblood trousers 120£                                                                            leather skinny cobalt trousers £60

fruit punch blouse 29.10€                                                                                 shrinking violet top 36.96€
(wishlist via topshop, zaraasos, nastygal and solestruck)

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