That's the outfit I wore on "Angelos Frentzos lookbook" photoshoot. I chose it to be casual as high heels or skirts would be so uncomfortable for this kind of work. There's actually a funny story behind these jeans. A couple of years ago, I saw them online on topshop the first week they were on the site, put some money on my pre-paid card during the next 2-3 days and when I tried to buy them they were sold out. After about 3 months I visited my cousin in Milton Keynes, UK so I tried to find them both on the Milton Keynes and London store with no luck. Then we went on a day trip to Kent. As always I sneaked into topshop and there they were, the perfect pair of jeans! The only problem was the size, they were two numbers smaller than my regular size. Of course I tried them on and they were not that bad, just a bit tight. Then I looked on the price and they were on sale for just 5£. I run to the cashiers straight away and here they are!
Hope you are having a fabulous week :)

(vintage fur coat, unknown cardigan from london, let's get lost tee thnx to 291venice, topshop studded pants , zara bag, office boots, electric sunnies)

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