My boyfriend is the kind of guy who is super active, doing extreme sports all the time and now that there are neither waves nor snow, he has turn his interest back to his old love, the bike. So a couple of days ago, we went to a dirt park somewhere outside Athens. The place was literally boiling and I had the "perfect idea" of wearing this winter skirt while it's 43° outside. Ok I have to admit that plleated stuff are not really my thing, but I know how I´m gonna wear it to make my style. The actual problem was the heat. It didn't seem bad when i was in the house with the air condition on but when I got out of the car I started feeling my blood coming up on my head and you can totally detect this in the pictures. Anyways regardless all that, it was a very fun evening and I also tried to do a few things on the park with no luck. In the bottom there is the video I took while my boy was doing his things.


(ralph lauren sunglasses| illustrated people tank top| zara pleated skirt | white leather converse | vintage rings and arm cuff | edc watch, Marc Jacobs bag)

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location: Oinofyta, Boeotia, Greece