paris day 1


(the ragged priest topshop studded vest | zara shirt | vintage necklace | vintage levis shorts | jeffrey campbell shoes | rayban sunglasses)

My first day in Paris was a real mess. My flight was very early in the morning, but hadn't slept the previous night at all, due to my obsession of making myself a bag, so 2 hours of sleep on the plane was definitely not enough. When I arrived home, I had lunch with my uncles, took a power nap and I was off for my first show, Rochas, which i actually was too late for. At least I met a friend there and went together to Gareth Pugh. The moment we arrived, it started raining heavily, but I really wanted to go shopping to my favourite vintage boutiques afterwards, so I left quickly. On my way to episode and because of the heavy rain, I made a quick stop for a crepe, where I spotted the stunning Jessica Stam. Did you know she dyed her hair black? Well yes! I had no idea, so I almost missed her because of that. Anyways I bought some vintage stuff and then headed back home for dinner!

Goodnight From Paris for now, more pictures coming soon! xx

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location: Grand Palais, Paris, France