tartan kilt

vintage sweater (similar here) | Scottish tartan kilt (similar herehere & here) | toshop thigh high boots (similar here, here & here) | paul smith sunglasses | topshop beanie

I've had too many Scottish kilts in my closet since I was a baby; mainly because of my parents and grand parents travelling all the time and I 'm not sure why, but they adored tartan kilts. Whenever they were in Scotland they definitely brought me back a couple -or more- in different colors. I used to wear them all the time, when I was a kid, but while a teenager I just stopped and gave them all away. But, my parents obsession to plaid kilts didn't end there. After their trip to tartan's homeland last year, they brought me this very cute, shorter version of the original Scottish kilt and believe it or not this is the second or third time I am wearing it. But with tartan back on the spotlight, I am willing to wear it more often from now on. Here I paired it with my grandmas vintage sweater, topshop thigh high boots, paul smith mirrored sunnies and topshop beanie to avoid the classic school girl look.