summer paradise

photos by: Christina Xyda

Häagen-Dazs... Nothing to hide!

Distance is definitely not a big deal when you are looking for the best. After our successful collaboration with Häagen-Dazs, they revealed to us a couple of secrets. Did you know that they travel up to Madagascar to find the special bourbon vanilla, which releases 260 different notes of caramel, fruits and rum to create Vanilla pint? And that's because it's not just an ice-cream, it's a kind of art. I can run, but I can't hide that I travelled to the exotic -and very much Caribbean like- Elafonisos island to shoot a couple of outfits. The white sand and the crystal blue sea was the perfect match to my favourite beachy dress by Billabong Europe and my awesome ripcurl bag.

dress: billabong || bag: rip curl || sunglasses: balenciaga

location: Elafonisos island, Laconia, Greece