back to black

dress: zara  shoes: tsakiris malas  earrings: vintage  necklace: onecklace  sunglasses: balenciaga  bag: gadabout  ring: billabong 

Back to black. Back to reality. Sorry I have been absent from blogging the last couple of months, but I am in a non stop vacation mode since January. Nevertheless that doesn't mean I have been absent from the online world. You can follow my instagram page here to check out my travel adventures as well as my everyday life. With my return to the real world, and as it always happens after I come back from a trip, I tried a new look, something different from my normal style. Black lace. Probably one of the most delicate fabrics in history and one of my favourites I must confess. Lace dress and loafers with a heavy portrait of bold accessories inspired by Dolce & Gabbana's Byzantine collection from fall 2013.