American Apparel is organising an online Halloween costume competition and I really want to win.
Will you help me? You can vote for my look here. Thank you in advance!

What's the story? On Summer of 2006 I went to Disneyland- Paris and bought that red Jack Sparrow scarf
and this is where it all began. In 2007, Pirates of the Carribean was the most famous movie at the time so as
I already had that scarf I decided to dress up like Jack Sparrow for my parents dress up party. All my clothes
were borrowed from different people except the scarf on my head and the pirates hat.

Dads american apparel button up shirt, grandpas jumper, friends jacket and boots, belt and
scarf (worn as belt) mine, friends vest, pirates hat and head scarf are bought.

You can submit your own costume here.