A couple of weeks ago jendanczak asked me to answer some questions for her. This is the interview with my answers. You can check out her blog and the official interview here!
Thank you so much Jen :) xx

1. Tell me your name and where are you from! Does your location influence your outlook on fashion?
Hey I’m Rea Papathanasiou and I’m from Athens/Greece. Actually my location doesn’t influence my outlook on fashion at all. Greece is not really a country that is interested on fashion that much. I’m usually traveling and get inspired from different people around the world.

2. Who is your favorite designer? What is it about him/her that is influential?
My favourite designer is Christophe Decarnin for Balmain and Isabel Marant. I like their rockish aesthetic and the dynamic nature of their designs.

3. Is there anyone else that influences you?
What influences me most is street style fashion. I like how people put their personal style into clothing and how models think of fashion in their everyday life.

4. What is your role in this industry? (student, etc.) What are your goals?
I’m a blogger and a fashion design student. I aim either to work for a successful magazine, or to create my own brand.

5. What made you want to start blogging?
During uni’s research I found stuff and did many projects that were interesting and I wanted to share with other people who had the same interest as me. That’s why I decided to create a blog and see what people thought of my ideas!

6. If you had one thing to say to aspiring industry leaders, what would it be?
Be inspired by random people. Sometimes they have a lot more and many interesting ideas to give to fashion.