I believe that a picture is worth a thousand words but let me tell you my story. I really wanted to go to the scorpions concert in athens. I used to listen to them since I was a little kid, because of my dad, who is a big fan. So we decided to go together. I asked my godfathers daughter if she wanted to join us but she couldn't. My best friend is also a big fan so she desided to come with her mother. The concert, which was cancelled on the 6th of October, was rearranged for yesterday 27th Oct. After college I ran to find my dad, had some lunch at TGI Fridays and went to the concert. The stadium was packed and we were very lucky that we found car space but we were very unlucky because it was raining heavily (you can see that from my frizzy hair). We met my bff and her mum, who had our tickets as well and jumped into the arena. So this is our story and here are the pictures of our great experience.
with my BFF

daddy's little girl

I know we look like ghosts but I liked the contrast of our hair and our bodies

Arieli and her mum, Toulina

I simply LOVE this photo

Oh God he's CRAZY

here I am rocking like a herricane


my outfit

SCORPIONS love greece <3

goodbye scorpions, from DAVLIA

now (almost) all together!

our tickets

(mums sweater, zara homemade ripped jeans, all star shoes, mums loewe bag)

Many many thanks to my dad for the amazing pictures!