My best friend, Ariela, won this Heineken competition which contained a limo ride and a private party at the
Heineken Star Bar on top of intercontinental hotel. So on 23rd of September and at 6.30 in the afternoon a
limo was outside Ariela's house waiting for us. We had our ride up to the hotel, where everybody
was staring at us, trying to figure out which famour person it was. There was this guy with his girlfriend in
their car, looked in the limo and then told her " I don't know them", it was actually very funny because
they were next to us and our half opened window. After our wonderful ride we went to the Star Bar, watched
a short film of how to serve the beer right and then practiced it as many times as we wanted. After that we
drunk some beer, ate some dips and had a lovely evening. As our girls night out approached to it's end we
had a limo ride back home. Of course during the evening we took so many photos, as the experience
was one of a lifetimes.


I am wearing:
zara loose T-shirt,
Topshop studded ripped jeans,
Topshop wedges,
vintage rings and
trussardi bag