Well that was an amazing night we had. Just some close friends came over to celebrate my birthday :D 
I want to say a special thnx to the boys who, even if they were late, when I opened the door the started singing happy birthday in greek and were holding an ice-cream with a candle on top!!! that was one of the best moments that day, i love you guys! 
Another touching moment was when my little cousin, Marisse (who you all know and is almost 3) called me from england and sang happy birthday both in english and greek!
Thank you everyone who helped me have a wonderful birthday 

surprise!!! the boys came along with an ice-cream birthday cake! sooo sweet :)

lily's fingers, ermina's fingers and ariela's fingers

SPOTTED: eating my cake grrr

happy birthday to me!

i'm so stupid. I had no idea she was doing that and i was very happy

hahah i love this picture. each one of us is doing her own thing

lilly, ariela, ermina, me, jason, alex, john

my cousin george, dimitra, milos

with sophocles

christina and  my cousin penny

black and white (ermina and me)
(yazz dress, unknown shoes, topshop ring)