Well, Nadia is one of my latest style crushes. I am totally in love with her spindly silhouette, her hats, her long jackets, her man-like pants and her sunglasses. I am so glad I found her profile on facebook. I send her a message the other day and, to say the truth, I wasn't expecting an answer. Conversely she msg me back and she was actually very sweet and friendly. Some days after that, I message her again to ask her if she minded to answer a questionaire I created for my dissertation in college. She send me the answers back in no time. And here it is:

Rea: How important do you think is “street style fashion” monitoring within the fashion industry?

Nadia Froufrouu:
I think street style grounds a potentially unrealistic, authoritarian fashion world. A monitoring of the phenomenon proffers a tangible slant on trends -particularly important during forecasting.

Rea: Which are your favorite street style sites and blogs?

Nadia Froufrouu:
Streetstyle: Facehunter, The Streethearts, Vanessa Jackman
Blogs: Anwho, Amlul.

Rea: Describe your personal style.

Nadia Froufrouu:
A mishmash of vintage and man chic.

Let's check out her style:

(via froufrouu)