paul smith sunglasses | topshop blazer | blanco pyjama pants | zara heels | selfmade bag | h&m necklaces

The superhero trend has taken over the blogosphere in almost every way. Remember Victoria Secret's catwalk back in 2011? Oh how I loved this show! I wouldn't wear any of the lingerie, but it was eye catching and extremely impressive, as a successful show should be. Next was Jeremy Scott with his fall 2011 collection. I was not such a huge fan of this collection, but let's face it, this is where it all started. Silver pants, dip dyed colorful hair and superhero clothes are some of the trends that became hot after 2011. Final and most dandified example is this of  Phillip Lim's and Balenciaga's. They both popularized this trend to the fullest with their pre-fall and fall 2012 collections and made it the hottest around the streets of NY, Milan and Paris during fashion week. Of course I would die to get a piece from their latest collection, even though I'm not so obsessed over the superhero trend. As for these pants, as soon as I saw them, I knew I had to wear them, even though they are real pyjama pants, so I paired them with the Jacket and the heels in order to make them look less sporty. What do you think about the superhero trend? Would you choose it and how would you wear it?