I know there is this huge deal over band tees, which supports the idea that if you don't know the band or don't hear their music, you shouldn't wear their t-shirt. Well I agree with this theory in a point. Of course I don't think anyone would wear a t-shirt of a band that don't like their music at all, but the truth is that no one could know what kind of music you really listen to, except if they know you very well. As for people that don't know the band at all, it's kind of creepy and weird, but fashion is the one to blame, who made this a huge worldwide trend and made band t-shirts a must-have. 
Anyway, I paired mine with my favourite velvet blazer from zara and my vintage levi's shorts that have literally become my second skin. 
By the way, how do find my new hair? I cut them a week ago and I'm so satisfied with the result.
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zara blazer | ramones tee | vintage levi's shorts | office boots | KJ bag | h&m rings | rayban wayfarers