washed out

photos by: Anna Kino Makoto

hoodie: alexander wang x h&m • swimwear: maison lejaby  surfboard: cohete  sunscreen: seventyone percent

The last pictures of my summer vacation were published on the last post and I might back from Paris -which means back to reality- 3 months already but the blog is back on track from now on. Enough with the warm sunny Greece you saw on the previous posts and hello frozen Athens. Even though it's winter and it's freezing, I can't get away from the beach and the sea. It's the time of the year when surf's up and my essentials are a swimwear or a wetsuit and a surfboard. This Maison Lejaby swimwear has been one of my favourites since brought back from Paris in September, but unfortunately I didn't have the chance to wear it to the beach yet.

But let me tell you a little more about the surfboard. “Cohete Surfboards” is a surfboard brand based in Europe. It was a surfboard brand born in 2004 from surfers to cover their needs. Headquarters are based in Athens, Greece with numerous factories in China and Thailand to support their production of Kitesurfboards and Stand Up Paddleboards.