a long weekend in Sydney

Sydney was on top of my bucket list for such a long time, so I was super excited to finally cross it off. On my way back to Athens from New Zealand (check out my article here) I had the option to stay in Sydney for a few days. My friend Fiona -who feels like an Australian family to me now- invited me over to her house and was my tour guide for the next 4 days! I met Fiona in Paris fashion week a few years back and kept writing to each other every now and then, but hadn't seen her since then, so it was amazing that she opened her house to me. It was the first time I met her husband and her incredible daughters, as well as her brother and all her friends.

On the first day we had a long drive around some beautiful areas, had a walk in Bondi Beach, visited Bondi Icebergs, saw the Bondi graffiti wall and although I was very tired, I couldn't skip a little bit of partying that night too. On the second day, we went back to Bondi Beach, had breakfast at Porch & Parlour, had a long walk on Campbell Parade did some shopping, went to the beach and did some sunbathing! I also dove into the ocean for the first time in my life and of course I did some surfing too. On Sunday morning, me and Fiona woke up early, visited Bondi Markets -which are located at Bondi Beach Public School in North Bondi and is open only on Sundays- and went to Bondi Beach again for swimming, where we met her friends and family. After spending quite some time at the beach, I had a walk to the surf shops in Campbell Parade, where I bought myself a new surfboard! Straight after that Fiona and her family, took me to Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. Then we went home to start packing. I was supposed to fly to Greece that night, but I missed my flight cause I forgot what time the flight was so we returned back to the house. One more day in Sydney though, yeah!!! On my last day, I went shopping downtown and had one more walk around the Opera House and the Botanical Gardens before I say goodbye to my favourite city.

Thanks to Fiona, I had an amazing time in Sydney, which I'll never forget. Hopefully I will visit again in the future! I have so much more I need to see!


Sydney's iconic beach is a MUST-place to visit if you are a sea lover or a surfer. Actually e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e should visit for at least once. Bondi Beach is my personal favourite place in Sydney, I mean, why would I ever wanna leave?






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I would definitely suggest from late November to February, as it's summertime. Although if you don't prefer the warmest weather, September to November is spring and March to May is autumn. I visited Sydney late January and it was the perfect weather for me.


You need an E-visitor visa, which is a travel visa available to European Union passport holders who wish to travel to Australia. Normally you get a decision within one day. However, it would be best that you apply for a visa at least fourteen days before your departure, as it can take up to 10 days or more for the visa to be approved.