Wellington, The Windy City

My first overseas adventure begun with a trip to the other side of the world. It all started when I had my days off as a flight attendant and I was trying to find someone to travel with me anywhere in the world but no one could. Visiting my favourite aunt and uncle in New Zealand, who I hadn't seen in ages, seemed like a pretty good idea. So, just like that I booked my ticket and the next thing I know was flying over to Abu Dhabi.

(Sorry for the bad quality pictures. My phone broke down just a couple of days after I got back and I hadn't done a back up. A bit stupid, I didn't take more pictures from my camera, I know... that sucks, right?)

My inflight experience was pretty a-m-a-z-i-n-g! As a flight attendant, I was used to travelling, but the long distance flight as a passenger was awesome! The crew was very helpful and polite and as a fellow crew member they offered me a welcome drink and some nuts. There were 3 main dishes you could choose from, including a vegetarian, and they were served with salad, bread and dessert.

My first flight was from Athens to Abu Dhabi, a stopover there for a couple of hours, another flight to Melbourne, where I had to stay for a few hours and my last connection flight was from Melbourne to Wellington. My total trip time was 31 hours and even though I was super tired, I had no sleep at all due to my overwhelm and excitement. At least there were some really cool movies and an entertainment system I occupied myself with.

I was so excited to see my aunt and uncle after a very long time and had the chance to meet some more Greek family as well.

"Beehive"- New Zealand parliament

With my aunt

My favourite thing to do was drive along the coastline and we used to do that almost every day, in order to go down town, as my family lives in Miramar. There are a few restaurants on the beach, where as a beach girl, I really enjoyed sitting at.

While driving along the coastline you can also spot the "Wellington" sign and "The Forest" sculpture. The artist of "The Forest", who migrated to New Zealand from war-torn Holland, calls each stack of five brightly coloured spinning cubes an urban tree, and the three together an Urban Forest.What was a little weird was a platform on the sea right in the middle of the pavement in down town Wellington, where people were diving and swimming.

"The Forest"

New Zealand is famous for the beautiful landscapes, the magnificent mountains and the wild beauty of nature. Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to explore the mountains, but Wellington is very pretty as well and there is a lot to do around. As you can see in the pictures, there are spectacular views of this city surrounded by water.

Mount Victoria Lookout

There are so many interesting things to do & see here. Even though I had only 5 days, I managed to do quite a lot. On the next post I am going to write a complete travel guide with the top 5 things to do on a quick trip to Wellington. In the meantime you can check out the pictures bellow and get a small taste on what's coming next.

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