silver lining

photos: Mandy Foudoulaki

location: Status Center, Vouliagmeni, Greece

Normally we use the term "silver lining" to cheer up someone and want to emphasise the bright side of a situation that might seem cloudy. Well, there is nothing cloudy here, except from my black hoodie. There is something with me, that if something does that click to me, I fall deeply in love. And it's a love forever thing. Well that's exactly what happened in this case. The minute I laid eyes on this hoodie and the metallic shorts, I knew I had to make them mine; or at least, have a photoshoot. I paired them with my nike sports bra and the new airmax 90 to make the outfit more sporty, but I find it kinda sexy as well, due to the see through hoodie.

fishnet hoodie: h&m • metallic shorts: h&m • sports bra: nike • sneakers: nike airmax 90