How to Wear a Blazer for Men

An article by Claire Austin

Blazers are known for their versatility, and this makes them more and more awesome. They are a must for every man’s closet. From formal to casual, you can style your blazer in a hundred ways. I can guarantee that a blazer is definitely the best addition to your wardrobe. Following are the perfect ways to wear a blazer for men, have a look:

Dress shirt and tie

So you need to dress up for some formal event like a wedding or something? You can wear a blazer with a plain dress shirt and a tie. You can mix and match any dress shirt in the color of your own choice with a decent tie and voila, you are great to go!

Pair your blazer with a sweater

In winter season when the temperature is very low, you can pair up your blazer with a sweater or a cardigan. It will make you look sophisticated and will keep you warm.

An Oxford or a casual button up shirt

Oxfords and the casual button up shirts are a great way to style the Blazers; they can help you dress up and dress down. They look more than perfect with just any blazer.

Polo shirts

Who doesn’t love polo shirts? Polo shirts are something that is always trending; it is that one thing which never goes out of trend. One way of wearing a blazer is to pair it up with a polo shirt. You can wear a light colored polo shirt with a dark colored blazer and trust me; it will make you look very fashionable yet very elegant. This will provide any man with that sporty look that he needs to look boyish.

Let’s not forget the V-neck tees

V-neck tees are causal, and I am sure you all have one. You can wear your V-neck tee with a blazer when going on some birthday or a casual party at night. It is an ideal combination if you want to stay young and look chic. This is the most effortlessly stylish look on our list.

The mandatory pair of jeans

A pair of jeans is mandatory for all; it is something that every man owns. You can pair wear your blazer with the pair of jeans you have. It is a great way to dress up casually with minimal effort. This combo is great for lunch and hangouts with friends.

All these tips are fashion forward, and they will make your fashion sense only better. Try styling your blazer in the ways mentioned above and hit the floor. Have a good day everyone!

by Claire Austin

Claire Austin is a Fashion Designer and Blogger at who loves to share her professional views on latest Men’s styling trends. She is creative dynamite who believes that the world should honor two things limitlessly: Ideas and beauty! :)