The Value of Travel: Why You Should Be on a Plane Right Now

The Value of Travel: Why You Should Be on a Plane Right Now

An article by Sean Morris

Many people have traveling on their bucket lists. Whether they have a specific destination they’ve always wanted to see or they simply want to experience more of the world, people are excited by the prospect of traveling. If you haven’t considered venturing outside your hometown or state, there are a few reasons you might want to start looking at plane tickets. Here is why hopping on a plane right now is a great idea.

Image via    Pixabay    by Unsplash

Image via Pixabay by Unsplash


Travel is Necessary for Expanding Intelligence

Intelligent people are not just born. They are also made. Someone can be born with a natural ability to learn well and understand many things. However, if they never leave their hometowns, they are only capable of understanding the world around them to a small degree.

In order to fully understand our world, it is necessary to travel and see the world from new lenses by experiencing other cultures, other people, other climates, and other ways of doings things. It is not possible to reach your maximum potential if you never see new places, new people, and new cultures because you will never see the world from any perspective or rationale but your own.


People Who Travel Are Happier Than People with Things

The Western world is very materialistic. We often believe that we will be happier if we could only afford to buy more things. However, studies show that people who use their money for the experience of travel rather than shopping are happier and tend to be well-rounded, because the experience of seeing the world is much more fulfilling than buying an overpriced watch.

Furthermore, you don’t have to pay for your flights if you’re involved with the right programs. There are many volunteer opportunities that will help you get to your destination and house you in exchange for your help with a cause. If you would rather travel on your own without a goal or project, you might want to consider a credit card that accumulates flight miles. Just be sure to pay your card off regularly. Traveling may be valuable, but it is not worth going into severe debt. Of course, you can always travel to nearby destinations instead.

For example, Belfast, Maine is a stunning coastal town with history, charm, and plenty of outdoor recreation. Known for their lobster, there is an entire culture of fishermen and women to discover. It may not be a soul-searching tryst to India, but the trip that has no intrinsic value does not exist.


Cultural Tourism Doesn’t Only Benefit You

Cultural tourism is a form of travel that focuses on experiencing and learning about new cultures in a mutually respectful manner. There is nothing more valuable than having the opportunity to experience and immerse yourself in a new culture. Furthermore, your cultural tourism helps prevent the death of minority languages and cultures. If more people express interest in and respect these cultures, the youth in that group will find pride in their heritage and become inspired to carry on the language and traditions of their ancestors.

As you learn about these incredibly vibrant and amazing cultures, you can also educate others about the importance of these minority groups. Your trip can make a difference in not only your life but the lives of those struggling with their cultural identity.

Spending your time and money on travel is one of the most respectable ways to expend your resources. Though it can be nerve wracking to leave your home for extended periods of time, if you take the right precautions and prepare in advance, your new life of travel and wonder can be stress-free and mind-opening. Don’t sit around waiting for the right time. There’s no time like the present to change your life for the better.

by Sean Morris

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