5 Fashion Apps You Need Now

5 Fashion Apps You Need Now

An article by Adam Ferraresi


5 Brand New Fashion Apps You Need to Have Right Now

We live in the age of Internet – technology has made our lives a lot easier and today, we get more work done online than we do offline.

In truth, we now basically depend on our smartphones and the plethora of apps for almost every task we face daily, from mundane grocery shopping to submitting assignments at our place of work.

And the fashion world today is no different.

As a matter of fact, fashion apps are really the next great thing in the progression of the industry. Most companies are quite aware of this fact.

You see, a recent survey conducted by the Luxury Institute revealed that almost 80% of wealthy users have downloaded a fashion app before, and around 66% of them have shopped on their phones.

Of course, fashion apps aren’t only available to the rich and famous.


Modern Fashion Apps and Services

Today, rather than spending an entire day at the mall, you can instantly get gratification – whether it’s a personal assistant at your fingertips or even an on-demand sale notification, that enables to you to buy luxury items at incredibly low prices.

So in order to help you to never pay a full price again, we’ve gathered five fashion applications every aficionado should have in their phone. But we have to point out that some these apps are exclusive to North America, and you’ll probably a reliable VPN like Express VPN to use them.

But enough about the technicalities – without further ado – here are the top five fashion apps for 2017:

Top 5 Fashion Apps


1 FASHION.jpeg

For starters, if you’re interested in fashion even marginally, you need to have this app on your phone ASAP. It lets you create your own sets of clothes or even outfits, by going through more than 100 million items to find the right match.

Polyvore also enables you to browse and look at sets and collages other users have made as well. Finally, you have the shopping section of Polyvore, where you can filter your searches by color, size and brand – just to name a few.


Recently Harper’s Bazaar put this particular app on the number one spot of their must-have fashion apps list of must have fashion apps for the season – and we have to say that we agree. PS is great if you don’t have enough time to your shopping, or you simply don’t like visiting overcrowded stores.

We also have to point out that the app is extremely user-friendly, and that you don’t have any complicated personal feeds or algorithms. You simply have PMs and photo messages that allow you communicate with different users and have a unique shopping experience.


This app right here allows users to upload the pictures of their outfits and shop for a huge number of items featured on pictures uploaded by other people who are using the application. Also, it allows you to share your outfits on Twitter and even show off a little.

And the app also has information about every item you’re interested in and its brand. Once you download Stylekick, you’ll instantly have access to a large list of brands that are featured on Stylekick. Some of these brands include Gucci, Steve Madden and Zara – plus a ton of other top fashion brands. 


If you are trying to organize your closet or simply start doing more with the clothes you already own, then this is the app for you. ClosetSpace allows you to organize your purchases while keeping track of the fashion industry, trends and best deals on the Internet.

The app allows you to take pictures of your wardrobes, tag them and organize your virtual closet any way you want. Another distinctive feature gives you weather-based suggestions for your outfits, and allows you meticulously categorize everything. 


Last but not least, we have the Net Set, which offers you real-time notifications and a live feed of every item available on the Net-a-Porter site, where you can purchase basically anything you imagine. You can also upload your wardrobes and comment on other people’s items.

Every brand page on there is managed by a professional designer and their respected teams, which allows you to directly communicate with every designer on there. You can also join a group within The Net Set, and talk about common subjects and exchange outfit ideas. 


Final Thoughts

And there you have it; those are some of the best fashion apps available on the Internet today. We’re hoping that this list will help you navigate through the intricate fashion world and help you accomplish all of your fashion foals.

Now, do you have any favorite fashion apps? Did we miss any of them? If you have a list of your own, or if you feel like we left out one or two essential apps from our list, make sure to leave a comment in the section bellow and tell us all about it.

by Adam Ferraresi

Adam lives in Dallas, Texas, has a successful career in web development and is trusted writer of wefollowtech.com. He is twenty three years old, and when he’s not concocting some new interesting articles, he loves playing basketball and cooking for his friends.