What To Pack For Your Summer Vacation

What To Pack For Your Summer Vacation

An article by Riley Davis

With the summer heat moving in and cool drinks in hand; we all start to think about how we can get away from it all, at least for a little while. It’s no surprise that with work, school, errands, and other responsibilities that we need a little rest and relaxation from time to time, but, what can you do to make sure your vacation goes off without a hitch? You can start by making sure you have all of your ducks in a row with your packing.

Image credit www.glamourised.com

Image credit www.glamourised.com

First and foremost, make sure you write a list of items you absolutely have to have with you. Any medications should be #1 on that list. You’ll also want to ensure that your passport and pass card are up to date and ready to go before an overseas vacation. While they can be renewed fairly easily, it can take some time for you to receive them in the mail when you’re renewing this important paperwork. Stay ahead of the curve by getting your passport renewed well before your planned vacation.

You’ll definitely want to have some of these necessities along with you:

Health and Beauty:  

  • Contacts, glasses, and sunglasses (Pack extra if possible)

  • Contact lens solution & an extra case.

  • Glasses case.

  • Antibacterial wipes or gel.

  • Body lotion.

  • Hairbrush and comb.

  • Deodorant.

  • Face cleanser.

  • Tooth care: Floss, toothpaste, mouthwash, and toothbrush.

  • First aid kit.

  • Insect repellent.

  • Personal-hygiene items (Feminine hygiene)

  • Prescription medication (Make sure to take a little extra or have a copy of your prescription just in case)

  • Razors.

  • Shampoo and conditioner.

  • Shaving Gel (or cream)

  • Sunscreen. Pack at least one all-purpose sunscreen for the whole family.

Necessary Equipment:

  • Alarm Clock (or Cell phone with capability)

  • Batteries for small electronics such as cameras.

  • Camera (and film if you are going old-school)

  • Chargers for your electronics.

  • Hair care equipment such as a hair dryer, flat iron, curling iron etc.

  • Headphones.

  • Music player (iPod, mp3 player, or your cell phone)

  • Tripod for those picture-perfect shots.

  • Video camera.

Misc must-haves:

  • Addresses to send out postcards. (This is optional, but usually well received)

  • Healthy snacks for the road.

  • Cash, ATM cards, and any traveler’s checks you may need.

  • Passport or pass card if you’re traveling outside of your country.

  • Maps or directions. GPS may work well, but it isn’t always available.

  • Photograph of your luggage contents. (Just in case there’s a mishap with the Airline)

  • Printout of all of your reservations.

  • Sealable plastic bags (for small liquid containers if taking a flight)

  • Pillow and blanket.

  • A good book or e-reader.


  • Bathing suits and cover-ups.

  • Flip flops, sandals, and sneakers.

  • Double-duty clothes that can be used in many activities.

  • Underwear.

  • Socks.

  • Graphic T-shirts or tank tops.

  • Shorts and long pants.

  • Jacket and warm clothes (even if the sky is clear, you may want to be prepared for the worst possible weather)

  • Basic colorful separates that can be mix and matched.

  • Summer dresses that can be used as cover-ups at the beach or pool.

Packing for a vacation will vary depending on your travel destination and the climate but, these are all bare basics that you should keep on hand during any vacation. Remember, you’ll want to double-check to make sure you have any necessities on-hand before boarding a flight or hitting the road for a road trip. It’s better to have too much than not enough, especially in an emergency situation.

Lastly, pack some good people or loved ones for the perfect summer vacation.

Riley Davis is a professional fashion blogger and Content-Manager at RebelsMarket.com.