coastal love

video: Mandy Foudoulaki • music: Moneymaker- Peter Koutroubis

location: Lolos Ski Center, Vouliagmeni, Greece

wearing: Animal Greece

Only a few hours left until we welcome the new year, but I didn't want to leave 2016 without showing you my favourite video. Ok, I'm not a vlogger and I don't intend to be one, cause I'm really shy to talk in front of the camera, but I really love videos. I believe they transfer the whole atmosphere behind a photoshoot or a general occasion. Well, this video was filmed about 1,5 months ago, the day before I flew out to Canada, which was almost summer -weather speaking- and shows you how I spend most of my days when the sun is out.

I feel truly blessed for everything that happened to me this year; 2016 was pretty fair to me. I still have some places left on my travel bucket list but I have started making my dream of travelling the world come true by visiting New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Brazil and Canada in just one year. So... here's to more travel adventures!

I wish you all a Happy New Year full of health, wealth, happiness and just make your dreams come true, it feels amazing!