night runner

photos: Mandy Foudoulaki

tank top: nike  shoes: nike  safety led armband: puro greece  safety led shoe clip: puro greece  headphones: puro greece  universal armband: puro greece

Running is something completely new to me. Except from running late, I was never doing it to exercise. I don't even like walking. I am one of those people I take the car to go "just around the corner". Long story short, I started running 4 months ago -I must admit it is still exhausting- but I can already feel the difference in my body, and I blame my trainer for that -thank you Vivian. So when training outdoors normally you want to have your phone with you to listen to the music or count the distance, but you should also have the suitable protection for your own safety. Check out Puro Greece's new sport collection for a variety of armbands, headphones, safety led armbands and shoe clips.

location: Glyfada beach, Greece