stay active

photos: Mandy Foudoulaki

location: Glyfada, Athens, Greece

Every persons life is completely different from an others and we all control our lives the best way possible. Some people have a lot of free time and some others don't. I believe what's important is to have a balance in everything. Training might be boring for some people, but it's really good for our health and appearance that we need to keep it in our lives, even if we train once in a while. Who doesn't want to be healthy and fit during summer, right? The only difference is that some people care, while others don't. Set your goals and find a reason to stay active. For example, I really like stylish clothes; so when I have new clothes or shoes, it makes me want to exercise. This stylish animal set is the perfect reason to get me out of the house during winter.

top: animalleggings: animaltrainers: nike • bluetooth speaker: iluv