on a sunny day

photos: Mandy Foudoulaki

location: Glyfada, Athens, Greece

Summer children always seek for the sun; even if it's winter. They are those people who feel depressed and sad when the weather is moody and grey. They can't stand living in a place where it's raining all the time and the sun hasn't made it's appearance at least once a day. They are those people who would move just to find a sunny place to stay. Moreover the sun is good for your health. Sunshine boosts our levels of serotonin, the body's natural happy hormone. Happy people are always positive; they are not grumpy all the time. They have the ability to recover, they appreciate the little things in life and most importantly they see the bright side in everything. Studies have shown that we get 90-95% of our vitamin D from the sun; Vitamin D reduces heart disease, prevents diabetes, reduces risk of cancers and so much more that I can write about analyse for ages. So in order to be happy and healthy, wear your favourite clothes, go for a walk and just let the sun shine on you!

top: animal • shorts: animal • boots: topshop • faux leather jacket: zara • hat: rhythm