It has been 3 years since my first post on this blog. It all started when I decided I want to share my addiction to fashion with people that have the same interest as me. And there it was, my very own portfolio-like, scrapbook or whatever. At the beggining I didn't post any outfits at all, it was all about editorials, celebrities and general inspo; the blog wasn't even called Surf Addict Fashionista. The current title just hit me after some months and I just sticked at it. The first post was about Taylor momsen's style -the it girl back then- and after a couple of months I posted the first pictures of myself from a random day in college and from my snowboard trip at "les deux alpes"; I was actually blogging just for fun. I took it a little bit more serious this year, after some gifts I received to present on the blog, which I didn't even believe it was possible. And then the gifts kept coming and the colaborations and it all happened thanks to you. 
I want to thank every and each one of you for your love and support!
I promise you I'll do my best to get a lot more better next year!

I gave you a sneak peek of my favourite outfits of 2012 on New Year's, but I was expecting this day to make a complete post on them. This year has been a year full of fashion, a lot of shopping and many different hairstyles -from redhead to ombre, from ombre to blue ombre and from long to short- and I'm still not tired of them. Big hair change coming  again very soon; hmmm I wonder what's left, can you guess?